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You are sitting in your English class counting the seconds left in class. You still have almost half the class left and two more periods until you can go home and play video games, take a nap, jerk off, or even work on your college applications. Anything is better than listening to your teacher drone on about the themes of feminine oppression in Jane Eyre with the class's resident social justice warriors. The only thing that makes the class bearable is your perfect view of Amanda, the girl you tell yourself you aren't infatuated with. She has beautiful shoulder-length blond hair pulled back into a messy ponytail, and her occasional smile is contagious. The only other girls in your class worth fantasizing about are Lindsey and Kristen. Lindsey is a somewhat bashful brunette who has dated one of your good friends Ed since sophomore year. Kristen is one of the social justice warriors in your class and despite her slight case of facial acne and overall personality, you can't overcome the desire to think about putting your face between her sizable breasts. Suddenly you decide you can't take anymore and decide you need to do something to distract yourself. At this point you would even do your math homework for your next period class.

Do you

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