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You are walking out in the beautiful French countryside on a Saturday afternoon. All around you there are lush groves as far as the eye can see. You continue to walk and enjoy the natural European scenery. The ground, recently rained upon, compresses under your steps as you listen to the calls of the local wildlife, likely aware of your presence. As you peer down the drying and leafy trail there is a spot on a distant tree that seems to move. You are wary of this mysterious movement as you have seen days old tracks of large animals during your walk yet you walk on. Upon closer inspection it appears that this anomaly is a camouflage clad man and behind him is a camouflage painted car. The man notices you peering from behind the tree you hid behind in your scout. Without turning around he says, "I've been awaiting you."

"Awaiting me? Who are you?", you ask the man whose face you cannot see.

"Who am I? Let's find out.", replies the mysterious man.

As you move yourself from behind the trunk of the tree your hand travels to your knife. Birds fly from their nests, dropping leaves around the trail. The man turns to face you.

"Varg?", you ask, lowering your weapon hand.

Varg responds, "Indeed. Now that you have found out who I am it is time that you find out who you are. Come." Varg leads you to a small clearing down the trail. In the center of the clearing there is a fallen oak tree with a rectangular object on top of it. "On this device you will find a video.", Varg explains to you.

You pick up the device and look at the files. You find the video. It is titled 'Big Booty White Bitches get Blacked'. You feel distressed. "What are you asking me to do, Varg?"

"It's not what I am asking you to do, but what I am asking you not to do."

The howl of the wind grows louder and blows long dead leaves to your feet. You here a loud bird call and look overhead to see two large black birds circling the clearing. The warmth of the sun starts to fade behind the clouds.

"It is time for you to make your choice."

Do you:

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