SRA/Take a shower

From Create Your Own Story

You get up and head to the bathroom. When you get there, you stop for a moment in front of the mirror and look at yourself. You think you're a decent guy, although most people would say your looks are far above average. You stand at 6'1. You are fairly skinny and have very defined muscles,which you achieved from two years of hitting the gym every day. You are mostly proud of your abs, which took the longest and most work to achieve. Your choppy, uneven brown hair hangs down, covering your forehead and ending just above your dark brown eyes. You have quite a few tattoos, a simple fiery design on your upper right arm, a snake wrapping around yore left forearm, a pentagram on the back of your right hand, the words "satanic motherfucker" on your upper back, and a bird on both of your middle fingers. You turn away from the mirror and take a shower.

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