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Your name is John. You are 18 years old and have short, brown hair and brown eyes. You are 5’10” tall. You have an athletic build and a 6” dick with a regular girth. You have to live at home due to the lack of work and refuse to go to college. You don’t have a girlfriend and have not been laid in quite a while.

Your 12 year old sisters are Anna and Sue. They are identical twins with blue eyes and blond hair. Even though they keep their hair styles the same, you have learned to tell the difference between the two of them. They are 5’4” tall and slender. They have A cup tits and tight asses. They are just starting to develop so there is a little fuzz where pubic hair will eventually be.

Your parents are on their second honeymoon and will be gone for an entire week and you couldn't be happier. An entire week without having your parents bug you about getting a job or going to college is something you are going to enjoy greatly. Your parents left you in charge of your twin sisters, which you don't mind in the least since they generally behave themselves. Granted, they argue a great deal, but they tend to keep it relatively quiet. However, they are always trying to outdo each other and can get out of hand on occasion.

Shortly after your parents leave your sisters start to play in the living room so you decide to settle in your room to watch some porn on your computer. You make certain you cheap headset is plugged in since the last thing you want is to have your sisters barge in to the sound of moaning from some woman getting plowed in one of her holes. The last thing you want to do is try explain to your twelve year old sisters what a porno is or why you are watching one.

You quickly get your pants and underwear off and sit in your chair so you can freely jerk off. Just as you are getting settled and start to see a woman take a cock in her asshole your sisters start to get loud and you know they are fighting about something again. You try to turn up the volume and find it is of no use. Their yelling is drowning out the sound of the woman getting her ass destroyed by a massive dick that is starting to force its way inside hard and fast. You try to adjust the volume to compensate, but it is of no use since you don't have anything like noise cancelling headphones.

You decide you have had enough of the yelling and turn off the video in anger. You get off your chair and get your underwear and pants back on. You open your bedroom door with the full knowledge that something has to be done about the arguing or you will have no peace. You expect to find them still in the living room, but instead follow the noise to your parent’s bedroom. The door is closed and you can hear them much better.

The argument does not sound quite right, since one of your sisters goes quiet for short periods of, then your other sister does the same. They are both arguing about doing something deeper, which leaves you wondering what they could possibly mean. The meaning shouldn't matter to you in the least, but you can't get rid of some dark thought that has wound its way into your mind. Maybe it is because you were just watching porn, but the only thing that comes to mind in regards to doing something deeper is in some sexual nature. You want to throw the door open and get them to stop, but that dark part of your mind is telling you to open the door slowly to see what they are doing first.

Their is a part of you that wants to believe it is nothing more than an ordinary argument, rather than anything sexual. After all, they are your sisters and you should not have any thoughts of a sexual nature towards them. Even if they weren't your sisters they are only twelve and you have not been interested in anything sexual with twelve year old girls since you became a teenager. However, that dark part that has managed to claw its way inside you is clearly saying it doesn't matter if they are twelve or your sisters. Seeing women, or girls in this case, doing something sexual is not the same as doing something with them. Just because they may be doing something sexual, which is highly unlikely, doesn't mean that you are going to fuck them. The dark part is arguing that seeing is not doing, which makes some sense to you.

Do you:

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