SPF/Your dad

From Create Your Own Story

You are 17 years old and not very experienced in sex. You aren't a virgin, but that is about all you can say about it. You have never done a lot, and find yourself curious about things you are too embarrassed to do any research online. Just like you are embarrassed to have smaller tits than your friends. While they have Cs and Ds for cubs, you are a B.

You are there alone with your dad. Your mom has left for a business trip and won't be back for a week. Your dad is drinking bear and you know he is a little buzzed. Knowing it is easier to get things from your day when he is in this state, you come up with an idea.

You walk over to your dad and say, "Daddy."

Your dad smiles and says, "Yes, angel."

You form your words carefully when you ask, "Do you and mom ever play strip poker?"

Instead of getting angry, your dad says, "We used to, but it has been a while. Why do you ask?"

You say, "I heard it is a lot of fun. Will you play with me?"

Your dad, clearly not realizing what you just asked, responds with, "What do you want to play?"

You summon the courage and say, "I want to play strip poker with you."

Your dad does not get angry. You can see him thinking it over. Maybe he is more buzzed than you thought.

Your dad:

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