From Create Your Own Story

"Voldyne" you say tersely. Normally you were quite optimistic, but even you had to admit to yourself that this situation looked grim. You had no chance of working your way out of this one with your words or your body.

One by one in a macabre procession, Stormcloaks with you among them are led to the line. The first one, a redheaded man with a burning spirit, managed to go with some dignity, making a short but sharp declaration of honor that, while lost on the Imperials, made some sense to you. Dunmer and Nords shared little in common, but holding one's ancestors in reverence was something you at least understood.

A soldier brings you forward, pushing your curvy form over onto the chopping block, still wet with the previous victims' blood. You sigh, resigning yourself to your last sight being a large black dragon coming over the mountain, partially obscured by a lock of black hair-

Wait, what?

An earsplitting roar cracks the sky as the fearsome creature lands atop the tower. It lets out a terrible burst of raw force from its maw as the sky turns red all around you. You are knocked from the chopping block as hell breaks loose, but you realize somehow, your wrists have been freed. You see the gate to the town has been wrenched open by the impact of one of the boulders of brimstone raining down. It was risky and left you out in the open, but if you could get to the forest, you'd be safe. The keep was also open. The idea of sturdy stone walls was comforting, but for all you knew it was a dead end, a death trap waiting to come down on all your heads.

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