SAO-Protect Tetsuo

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Using the heel of your foot, you leap to parry Kobold's incoming attack. This simple defense movement causes you to lose 25 health, an obscured amount to lose but you grit your teeth and bare it!

A hooded player commanded you to step aside, "Let me take Kobold! Stand down Mika!" they read your username, but you didn't budge one bit!

Underneath you saw Tetsuo and his friend being dragged to safety by a few players which gives you comfort knowing you have saved a life. You strike a few more times, attacking underneath the knight's armpits as red shards, (that represented blood) came down from the wound. Kobold gave a horrid roar before sweeping his weapon across the floor to take out some of the soldiers. An opening chance! A perfect chance!

Using your basic sword, you ran it deep into the eye-shaft for Kobold, causing the boss to wail a terrifying scream. The boss' health dropped dramatically before exploding into a million red shards, symbolizing its death.

You have achieved level 10!

You have gained 100 gold!

You have obtained the Coat of Midnight!

What? A new item? The soldiers yelled out great thanks to you, crying out that you were the Beater of Sword Art Online, even the thought of it made you blush bright red. A staircase fell from above which led to level 2, the second one out of this death game.

Several players already began the ascent to the next floor, including the hooded character and Heathcliff who paid no attention to your stunning victory. Tetsuo and his friend came up to you, "Thank you for saving our lives!" they bowed before you, expressing great thanks and satisfaction, but they soon left to pursue the next floor of Sword Art Online.

Taking a deep breath, you too join them.

Health 100 Equipment:

Basic Sword, Basic Armour, Frenzy Boar rump, Coat of Midnight

MP 230 Gold
Level 10
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