SAO-Labyrinth (unequipped)

From Create Your Own Story

The Labyrinth was packed with over two hundred players taking out the multiple mobs which surrounded the dungeon's gate. An army of around a hundred was making their way to the boss room, led by General Heathcliff, an infamous player who had already achieved level 20 according to legend!

At the boss' door, he turned around and gave a look to ever member of his army, including you who had someone slipped in. "Men of Aincrad! Now is the time where we flee this wretched game and return to the real world, this is a game of death and together we can defeat it and live out the rest of our days in the real world!" the other players gave encouraging shouts, raising their weapons into the air. "So let us take on this boss and win, let us head to level two of Aincrad and defeat Kayaba at his own game!"

They all cheered at their fabled leader, but the sounds died when the door opened to reveal a large knight that stood around 12 feet tall. "Oh crap!" whispered a player by the name of Tetsuo who unsheathed his spear and ran full charge at Kobold, the first boss of the game. The mace of Kobold swung round to strike Tetsuo in the chest, throwing him down onto the floor with only 10 health remaining.

"Tetsuo!" cried one of his team-mates who ran to his aid, thrusting a healing crystal into his comrades arms, "Use it! Use it now!" he yapped like a dog but was interrupted by Kobold readying his mace, preparing to strike them both!

What do you do at this sudden instant?

Health 100 Equipment:

Basic Sword, Basic Armour, Frenzy Boar rump

MP 130 Gold
Level 3
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