SAO-All of them

From Create Your Own Story

"What???" the players behind you cry out in horror and shock, some break out into shouts, "Hey! You greedy slob! Don't take all our stuff!" another took you by the shoulders and spun you round, "Bastard! You fucking bastard!"

Suddenly there was a Chink sound effect and your inventory was filled with the items you requested. The shop was empty and already players were flocking to other shops.

You glanced up to see your attackers name, Kibaou. He had bright orange hair that was jagged into spikes and a sword hung around his back. A few strands of hair was sprouting on his chin, a young adult possibly?

"I ought to kill you!" Kibaou cried, unveiling his one-handed longsword. He readied his blade, preparing to slice you half. What do you want to do?

Health 100 Equipment:

Basic Sword, Basic Armour, 20 arrows, Steel longsword, 3 loaves of bread

MP 0 Gold
Level 1
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