Run off to the nearest fields

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Outside of the town is an expansive grassland, filled with boars that munch on the grass underfoot.

You wander around a little bit, getting a brief idea on how the landscape was mapped out. A few floating islands caught your fancy, but sadly your swimming skill was not good enough to climb up them to gain the treasure. You see another player tried to slice a boar with their lance, but they miss and are taken back with 15 health gone.

You rush to his aid, thrusting your basic sword out and engage in combat with the angry boar. It gives out a rough snort before charging at you with the bold red eyes, its tusk throw up some dirt in the air but you ignore it. With a downwards slash, the boar explodes into a multitude of coloured particles and leaves behind its rump.

You have gained Frenzy Boar rump!

You have gained 30 gold!

You have achieved level 2!

The man looks at you in shock, " did you take down that boar?" He tries to get to his feet but fails miserably. You flick a coin at him for his troubles before walking away. You contemplate where to go next, but are interrupted by another frenzy boar.

1 boar down, 2 boars down, 5 boars down! You're on a roll! 10 boars down, 20 boars down! You have achieved level 3 Rage builds up inside you and you slash another one down! Maybe this game might be easy after all.

Now filled with courage, you decide to take on the boss in the first level's dungeon!

Health 100 Equipment:

Basic Sword, Basic Armour, Frenzy Boar rump

MP 130 Gold
Level 3
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