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Hello! Welcome to my first CYOA! =P Well, anyway, feel free to edit whatever you want, just make sure not to make the changes too big so I can still keep track. I'll be updating this whenever I have free-time, which means I'll be editing this everyday xD Well, moving on!

A Start

You click on the "OK" button on the screen, furious, cursing that "DO NOT CLICK" link. Alerts were appearing all over the screen, each one annoying you even more. A few minutes later, as you were hunting down the last of the annoying pop-ups, the computer screen flashes white for a split-second, and flashes off. You groan and press the on button. Once the computer finishes loading the white screen flashes on again, but this time with a message:


You roll your eyes. What kind of joke was this?

You click on:

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