Rip off her swimsuit and take her right there

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The beautiful blonde's mischievous tone pushes you over the edge. You certainly can't wait to bring her to a shack or the beach showers. With your finger still thrusting into her asshole, you grab her bottoms with your teeth and rip them from her body. The sudden loss of part of her swimsuit catches the woman off-guard, and she instinctively brings her hands down to cover her naked pussy, which you notice is cleanly shaven. Even with her friend and the two hunks looking on, you continue, bringing your free hand up to her breasts. Her nipples have hardened considerably, and you can see them pushing against the material of her top. You briefly stop to tweak one of her tits, but you quickly remove the top, freeing her ample breasts.

Suddenly naked, the blonde breathes deeply, feeling the rush of being utterly exposed. Her sudden breath greatly accentuates her breasts, and your lustful desire increases even further. Removing your hand from the woman's crotch, you quickly remove your top and slide on top of her, bringing your lips to one of her exposed breasts. The woman cries out in pleasure as you lightly bite into her sensitive nipple. As your left hand slides to her open breast, your other hand drifts back down to her now unattended asshole and snatch. Slipping two fingers inside her elicits another pleasurable squeal, and you begin to frantically finger fuck your new girlfriend.

While you generously attend to the blonde's delicious breasts, she slowly moves her hands from your shoulders down to your covered bottom. Feeling the last piece of swimsuit remaining between the two of you, she untangles its tassles and pulls it away from you, leaving the both of you completely naked, writhing in the sand. Although you are perfectly content to attend to the blonde's breasts, she lifts your head away from them and brings her lips to yours, kissing you deeply. The sweat of your bodies allows you to slide further up the blonde, and soon your hardened breasts are pressing against one another creating further pleasure for the both of you. Your thighs slide neatly into one another, interlocking and bringing your sensitive nub into contact with the smooth thigh of your beach lover. The two of you begin to grind into one another, slowly bringing each other to climax. Pleasurable grunts come from both of you as you continue to make-out furiously. Although fully absorbed in one another, you can't help but think about ways to bring forth some more delicious squeals from the busty blonde.

Do you:

Health Horny and Hormonal Location:

The Beach

MP 0
Level 1
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