Rip Amanda's clothes off.

From Create Your Own Story

You eye Amanda's smooth, pale neck, and note with displeasure that her blouse is buttoned modestly high. You switch your gaze to her legs. The space between the top of her kneehigh socks and long skirt is disappointingly short. You make a mental note to revise the school's dress code.

Amanda flicks her eyes briefly up at you. You lock eyes for a moment, then she blushes and stares at the floor again. A smirk crosses your face. You take a step towards the girl, and she blushes harder. With lightning fast speed, your arm whips out and you grab Amanda's chin, forcing her to look into your eyes.

"Don't be so shy, sweetie," you say, putting emphasis on the last word. You chuckle, and gently stroke her cheek. Amanda visibly relaxes a little.

As soon as you see the look of relief fill her eyes, you bring your hand down, hooking your fingers into the collar of her shirt. Buttons pop around the bathroom as Amanda's shirt is ripped off her torso. She screams and falls to the ground, but the sound doesn't worry you. You know no one will bother you.

You stand with your hands on your hips and your cock straining to rip through the fabric of your clothes as you watch Amanda on the ground. Reaching down, you deftly unhook her white bra before she has a chance to react, and, smiling cruelly, you grab the sides of her skirt and pull it off her.

"Stand up!" you order. Amanda climbs to her feet, shaking, and you appraise her nearly naked body. Her tiny tits are topped with decently sized nipples. You lick your lips upon seeing a slight camel toe in her white panties.

"Stay still." Your voice is ice cold, and she obeys as you slide up next to her and slip her panties down to the ground. Her delicious cunt is topped with a small amount of fuzz.

You slowly stand back up and stare at your prize lustfully. She's once again looking down at the ground, as if she knows that she's now your complete plaything.

Release your aching cock and shove it in Amanda's face.

Force Amanda onto all fours.

Make absolute certain that Amanda knows your power over her.

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