Right fat bastard: Man

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So your a guy, but what's your name:

  • Right fat bastard: Nygil Geter: A 55 year old Maintenance Man at the Twelve for the past 5 years, your 5'9 and slightly overweight black man with 10 inches and muscles to spare.
  • Right fat bastard: Jarvis Alexander : A 37 Year old Front Desk Clerk from a small mountain town, with a strange outlook on life, Your massive but don't seem to care as your always smiling even when making threats. At over 400 pounds and a 4-inch dick the chances of you ever having sex seem slim but don't despair there is always suicide.
  • Right fat bastard: Emanuel Cuco Gonzalez : Your a 21 year old front desk clerk from the slums of a forgotten backwater in Florida. Your chunky at 310 pounds but with your 14-inch python you don't give a shit, and that's also your biggest problem.
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