Right fat bastard: Guests

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Welcome to the Twelve, Hell Holes best little motel, your:

  • Right fat bastard: Megan Cooke: Your a hot little rich girl of 19 from a plantation in Georgia. With your dark brown hair and bright green eyes you know your hot, so why are you in this hell hole of a motel. Your Rich DAMN IT! On top of that the pools closed due to rain, its always raining here god damn it!
  • Right fat bastard: Bill Jenkins: Your a 8 foot tall black man, with a 18-inch cock so thick it could be confused for a baseball bat, But in truth your a demon from the hell hole in the center of town. Your here for vacation and looking for some fun.
  • Right fat bastard: Ashley Fisher: Your a Transgendered girl from Tennessee hoping to find an ass to fuck. Old men are nice but you like the young ones the younger the better boy or girl you don't care.
  • Right fat bastard: Room 106: After years of horror and sorrow, the psychic stains of pain in you have caused you to become alive. Now self aware you are hungry and want to play god help your guests.
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