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Resident Evil, a Survival/Horror series of games created by Capcom. Within these games lie zombies and other horrifying creations of Umbrella, and your goal is, all-in-all, just to survive these horrors by using handguns, machine guns, shotguns, rocket launchers, and basically anything you can get your hands on. You will have to fight through either a mansion, or even a city, filled with monsters who only have the goal to make you into a tasty meal. In the games, however, you are limited to looking around the mansion or city, and you do not get to choose what your character will say/do.

What if this world of Resident Evil was more than just a Survival/Horror Game? What if it was an RPG, where you got to make the choices you want, use the weapons you want, /survive/ the way you want? In this story, that is exactly what you get to do. You will choose what you say, what you do, and above all, how you survive. This isn't Resident Evil, this is the Resident Evil RPG, or Resident Evil: Choose YOUR own adventure, all in the perspective of the character that YOU will get to choose.

Before you get to wander through the world of horror, however, you must choose the setting, the place your story will take place.

Where are you?:

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