Release your aching cock and shove it in Amanda's face.

From Create Your Own Story

Amanda is silent. Her tits are beautiful, truly what you thought they would be.
"Stroke your nipples," you command.
"What do you mean?" she asks.
"Rub them the way you would when you're alone, thinking about a boy who excites you."
She hesitates, but then cups her left breast with her right hand and gently slides her thumb in a circular motion around her nipple.
Her nipple hardens.
She looks at you for direction now.
"Rub the other"
She complies, and that nipple too hardens.
"Give me your hand." She does. You take her hand and place it on your aching cock.
"What ... is that?"
"I think you know what that is Amanda. I have a dick. A big,hard dick. I'm a woman with cock. And you're going to take my cock out and suck me off."
"But ..."
"Do as I say Amanda. I would like you to kneel down now."
She looks to the ground for a moment and then kneels, keeping her hand on my cock. I'm trying to maintain my air of domination, but I'm so turned on now it's becoming difficult.
Now she looks up at me in pure submission.
"Amanda, continue. Reach under my skirt, pull down my panties and take out my member."
She again hesitates, but then complies. Using both hands she pulls my panties down to my knees. Not exactly what I had asked for, but it's hot, so I don't say anything. She then reaches for my cock, again with both hands. She starts to stroke it without being asked. She is definitely turned on now. No need to give her direction. She knows what to do with a cock, even one attached to a woman.
"That's good Amanda. Keep stroking me."
She looks up at me briefly and then at my cock. She's focused, serious, and borderline intense. She's jerking me off now, faster and faster.
"Amanda, that's very nice, but I need you to suck that hard dick. Put my cock in your mouth and suck me until I ejaculate."
She stops jerking. She pushes my skirt further out of the way, kneels down lower to get a better angle, and licks the underside of the tip of my dick. Shudders reverberate through my body from head to toe. This beautiful girl is licking my cock. I need to keep control. I'm in charge.
She now shapes her lips into and slowly but with confidence engulfs my dick, taking over half my 7 inches into her mouth. I can't be sure, but I think I hear a very faint moan come from her throat as she does this. With one hand wrapped around the base of my cock starts slowly pumping her mouth up and down. I can't last much longer. I am way to far along at this point.
I grab her head and begin thrusting into her mouth. Yes, she's definitely moaning now. "Mmm, mmm, mmm" is coming from her throat as I fuck her beautiful mouth.
"You're doing very well Amanda," I say, a little short of breath. "I'm going to come in your mouth very soon. I need you to swallow it like a good girl."
She reaches for my balls now, cups them gently, and that's all I can take. I'm coming.
"Here it comes Amanda. Drink it up for me."
She holds still. I stop moving and spurt huge amounts of cum in her mouth. Her eyes are closed, her lips wrapped tightly around my pulsating dick. I'm cross-eyed with ecstasy. I can see the swallowing action of her throat as she tries to keep up with my ejaculations. It's a big load. After I dump what feels like a gallon of cum in her mouth she pulls away and holds my cock next to her cheek, where I shoot more cum, covering the left side of her face. Finally it's over.
I can barely stand.

I Walk Away And Leave Her Covered in Cum
I Lay Her Down and Lick Her Body Up and Down

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