Refuse anal(SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

You refuse. They bend you over the coffee table. Tyrese pulls up your dress and rip your new thong off. Trey grabs your head and forces his cock down your throat. Trey smacks your ass and balls hard with his hand. Tyrese slowly pushes his thick cock against your asshole, you clench up in a attempt to stop him but its hopeless he slides right in. You try to fight but their too strong. A cock slides slowly in your ass, stretching it to the max. You would scream but Trey's huge cock is in your mouth. The horse cock in your ass is lubed up but hurts like hell. They keep telling you to quiet down and shut up. Large hands grip your ass cheeks and you feel the pressure in your asshole.

"Take it like a good prison bitch," Tyrese says, "This will not be over quickly. We're taking turns on your little ass."

He continues slow pumping your ass as you suck on Treys cock.

Give in and enjoy it

Continue to fight them

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