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The Book contains the Laws on Vion

1. In the capitol city of Castel any woman over 16 is subject to anything the King says. They can be touched, stripped, and fucked. They can only not be forced to live in the Castle in the Harem. -This attracted more women than you'd expect, due to those visions.

2. 17 is the adult age in Vion

3. Every year, the Harem shall have an event, in which women from 13-40 will compete and be chosen by the Harem, unless the King chooses, to join the Harem.

4. Any city, should majority, including Baroness, agree to join the Castel Rule [Law 2], it will be effective to all immediately.

5. Punishment for breaking a law can range from x years in prison, to x years as sex slave to the King, to x years as sex slave to community.

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