Ram your hard on up Beth's twat

From Create Your Own Story

You lunge forward, grab hold of Beth's hips and spear her twat with your dick.

"Ooh, looks like his hard on has got you!" Liz says.

"It sure does!" Beth says.

She lifts her feet off the floor and wraps her legs around your waist. You lean her against the wall and begin pounding away at her twat. She moans as you bang her ass against the wall.

"Oh, fuck!" Beth cries out.

You hump her pussy harder and faster, pounding out a drumbeat on the wall. Beth runs her wet hands up and down your back. Her pussy goes into a series of spasms. Beth screams and her climax makes your prick erupt inside her. You crush her against the wall as you cum and cum, filling her womb with sperm.

"My turn, my turn!" Liz says. "Now you have to do that to me!"

Do you:

Health Horny Location:

The Gym

MP 0
Level 2
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