Rachel wakes up next morning without a problem

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Rachel was suddently shaken awake by a fairly strong hand.

"Wake up!" the voice urged. "It's already four o'clock! We have to get to cleaning. And uh... cover that."

Rachel groaned and turned. One of the few privileges that she had enjoyed in several orphanages, she now realized, was that there were always a bed available. Her shoulder felt numb, her neck hurt and she very much didn't feel she got enough sleep. Still, she was awake and was very much aware of what she had to do and moping about it wasn't going to solve the problem.

She had slept on her school uniform, since everyone else did, however now with her glasses on Rachel noticed under candlelight that the other girls were giggling and pointing at her and she didn't take long to find out why.

For whatever reason, her dress was completely raised, up to her neck, exposing even her plain, white bra. Then now, at least she was wearing a bra, what she was not wearing at that time was her white panties even though she distinctly remember having them on at night. Rachel moved to cover her genitals by quickly standing up and putting the skirt on its place. She was starting to wonder where her panties had gotten to when she felt them around her left ankle. Someone had probably pranked her at night. Rachel didn't mind that much, since the prank was rather tame as far as pranks go.

"We're pretty cramped here," started the girl who woke her up, "and there's no privacy so uh... it's fine if you want to... ease up a bit."

"Oh, I wasn't..." started Rachel, but she was interrupted.

"I'm not judging, okay? But if you have to play with yourself, be more discreet about it. Doing it at night was the right call, just... hide the evidence afterwards! The rest of us don't need to know."

"But I wasn't doing that!" Rachel protested, two of her roommates giggling, and two seemingly flustered by the situation.

"You... shave down there?" asked one of the flustered girls.

As far as Rachel recalled, the name of the girl engaging her was Amy. She was rather tall and had black, straight hair reaching well over her shoulders.

"N-not really," tried to dismiss Rachel, answering Amy. "I know it's shaved. I just... don't do it myself."

"Oh," said Amy, not knowing what to say in response to that.

Rachel had rarely had any pubes, or body hair for that matter. It's not that they didn't grow, just that they were removed almost as fast as they could manage to appear. Sometimes they were plucked, they were shaved very often and once they were burned during a dangerous stunt which thankfully didn't scar her. The last time was just three days ago, it was done by a girl a year older than Rachel, who was lying in bed while Rachel was 'singing lullabies' to her. Rachel was standing nude next to her and the girl would every now and then pluck a small little pube with the assistance of tweezers to make Rachel yelp and then moan and complain in pain for a few seconds; this was supposed to be singing. That was a bit on the extreme end, to be fair. Usually other girls would just randomly jump and shave her every few days. It happend so often that it wasn't even seen as an act of malice unless they did it with an audience; someone was just bored and wanted to treat Rachel as a doll they could play with. Rachel hadn't done it herself even once and stopped minding when someone did it for her a long time ago.

"Anyways," interrupted the girl who had woken Rachel up, an apparently bossy third year latino girl by the name of Reina, "have this broom. Take care of the room, will you? I'll do the windows and Amy can mop after you. You, and you; go get water. Three buckets should do, if any of you can manage to carry two at once. You'll find them on the back. Be careful with the handles, okay? If they break it'll be your funeral."

The giggling girls hurried to obey, opening the door of the room and revealing that there was penty of activity already outside, everyone got to their job and forgot about Rachel's bald vulva. Even Rachel herself forgot until she gave a step and realized her panties were still on her ankle. She quickly ducked to fix the problem but while fixing them around their proper place, she noticed between her legs was rather slimy. She had been wet during the night.

"Rachel, come on!" the latino girl urged, and Rachel obeyed.

While brooming, she wondered; How was she wet? Had she really masturbated during her sleep? That had never happened before. Much like shaving, other girls took care of the problem for Rachel. They would sometimes use her front and almost always her backside. For whatever reason, groups of girls very much enjoyed bending her over and placing something inside her rectum. Rachel could even afford to somewhat enjoy it if they weren't being overly harsh - which was rarely. As for regular masturbation, she had done it herself just a handful of times; most of which were in public because she was forced to. While she found it terribly embarrassing, Rachel had to admit it was incredibly stimulating to do it in front of boys and was open to the experience of doing it again, willingly, so long as there was less laughter and pointing fingers.

Rachel finished brooming the room. There seemed to be quite a lot to do ahead of her.

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