Rachel Freud.

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Name: Rachel Freud.

Age: 25.

Family: Alex Freud (Son), Samantha Freud (Daughter)

Hair Color: Raven Black

Eye Color: Onyx

Height: 5.4 Feet

Breast Size: 38DD

Virgin: No.

Sexual Experiences (If any): Raped and impregnated at 16. Slut.

Survival Skills: Can cook, set up basic shelters, and has a way with animals.

Personality: At sixteen years old, Rachel had an argument with her parents. It ended with her slamming the door in their face and walking out, going through a dark alley, and getting raped. She would never admit it to anyone but herself, but she had both enjoyed it, and fell in love with her rapist. After he had raped her in all three holes, they sat and talked. His name was Daniel, and he was ten years older than her. His father was a multi-millionaire. He wasn't sorry for the pain he had caused, but she didn't want him to be. He was just the sort of person she liked; rough, brutal, and not afraid to force what he wanted.

Rachel's parents followed and caught the two of them, Rachel covered in cum. Despite Rachel's pleas, they pressed charges. Daniel's father was forced to pay up half his fortune, and Daniel himself went to prison for life. Rachel's parents forbade her to see him, and then she fell ill.

She took a pregnancy test, and her mother found out. It became Rachel's strongest desire to keep the children: And for refusing an abortion, her parents cast her out. She tried to visit Daniel, but only family could schedule an appointment. And so she had to fend for herself.

Rachel soon got herself an apartment and a job. Both would have been impossible, but Daniel opened a hunger within her. Both her landlord and employer became sexual partners, and soon she got everything by use of luxurious DD tits.

Her child bothers her. Not Samantha; all she is is a whiny brat. Alex. He looks so much like his father. There are times when all Rachel wants is to be taken brutally by her teenage son, and morality can go fuck itself. Sometimes, she nearly succumbs to the urge.

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