RMTRTRHGLSE: The rail-thin red head

From Create Your Own Story

You walk over to the rail-thin redhead. She looks up, and you sit next to her and offer your hand. "I'm Joe."

"I'm Lynne," she replies, shaking your hand.

The bartender wanders over. "I'll have a soft drink, and the lady will have about 500 sandwiches," you say in a joking tone.

"One soft drink coming up," he grins.

"You don't need to tell me I'm skinny," Lynne giggles. She hands you a business card. "It's a reaction to being stressed all the time. Running a multi-billion dollar company does that. I'm considering retiring."

You hand her your own card. "Several of my client companies would be happy to buy you out." You sip at the soda the bartender brought.

After some more conversation, Lynne gives you a radiant smile. "I like the fact you didn't use any cheesy lines. But we know what we both want. My house is in the middle of being renovated, so it's yours or a hotel."

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