Queen Catelyn Stark

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Catelyn Stark stood at the base of the iron throne. The throne was much larger than she'd thought it would be. She couldn't imagine sitting on it, to wield that kind of power. When she thought back to the cost of this power, tears came to her eyes.

It had all started when she had taken the Imp prisoner. Ned was captured by the Lannisters. Robb had called the banners and marched to war. He was barely a man, yet he had 20,000 troops at his back. He had done well, outsmarting Tywin and capturing Jaime. Ned's death had been hard on him. He still needed his father. However, everything changed when he was proclaimed King in the North.

Before it had been about family. Now it was about securing a crown. Theon's betrayal had been predictable but still costly. Now 4 out of her 5 children were hostages. Still, she tried to stay strong for Robb. He needed her to be strong. Stannis killing Renly helped, but his defeat on the Blackwater helped even more. At that point Catelyn had begun to dream. Begun to believe they could win.

Then came the news. Both Bran and Rickon had been killed by Theon. Bolton's bastard, Ramsey, had retaken Winterfell and questioned the staff, who told the gruesome tale of the boys death. When Robb heard the news, it made him mad with anger. He gathered his forces and marched on King's Landing, ignoring the protests of his advisers. He succeeded in taking the Lannisters and Tyrells by surprise, but the battle was devastating. Barely 1,000 northerners remained after the battle, but the cost was even greater than that. Robb, his mind clouded with hate, had taken on Ser Loras, the Knight of Flowers, during the battle. Both had suffered mortal wounds, and both had died the next day. The King in the North was dead.

Catelyn was devastated, the only thing keeping her from breaking down was the thought of seeing her daughters again. Alas, even this was denied to her. The Lannisters had lied. Arya had disappeared the day Ned was kidnapped, and seemingly nobody knew where she was. Sansa, on the other hand, had apparently disappeared the morning of the battle, before the fighting had even started. He sons dead, her daughters missing, the only Stark left was Catelyn, and she wasn't even a true Stark.

She had thought about going home, but she knew she was the only hope of finding her daughters. So, she had shocked everyone and claimed the crown. Initially, the other lords were hesitant, but after Roose Bolton declared for her the rest followed suit. The kingdoms were in her hands now, and she had no idea where to begin.

Well, she thought, Sitting on the throne would be a good start.

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