Queen Arya Stark

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Arya Stark has not had the easiest of lives. After being forced to flee her home, she saw her father's head was chopped off right before her eyes. She later escaped with a friend of her father's, Yoren, who was a member of the Night's Watch.

Disguised as a male recruit, she met two boys who would become her closest friends. Their names were Gendry and Hot Pie, the former being a great smith and the ladder being a great cook. The trio was on their way North when some of the Mountain's soldiers captured them, killed Yoren, and took them to Harrenhall.

Once in Harrenhall, Arya became cup bearer to Tywin Lannister. He was unaware of who she actually was, and actually grew quite fond of her. However, he soon left, leaving Arya to the Mountain. She instead chose to escape, using Jaqen H'ghar's help to do so.

After wandering for a while, she met the Brotherhood without Banners, a group of mercenaries who fought for the common people, and the Red God. Her true identity was discovered when the Hound, the Brotherhood's prisoner, saw her. He was given a trial by combat for Mycah's death, but was able to win, defeating Beric Dondarrion. Beric was, however, revived by Thoros of Myr's magic.

After the trial by combat, Arya decided she was done being a helpless hostage. She convinced the brotherhood to take a more active role, strategically attacking their enemies instead of raiding. She then unveiled her master plan, to take King's Landing. First, Hot Pie would enter into the city and become a cook in the King's Landing kitchens. Then, one night, the brotherhood would enter the Red Keep, using Arya's knowledge of the tunnels and Hot Pie unlocking some gates. Once inside, they would take Joffrey and the Queen prisoner and kill the Lannister guards in their sleep.

On the way South, they recruited the Hound, who they'd found drunk in a tavern. He agreed to go, mostly for the gold that was promised to him. Arya had basically become the leader of the brotherhood at this point, and under her orders they stopped attacking Stark men. Once in King's Landing, they executed their plan. Hot Pie went the extra mile and laced the guard's food with sleeping medicine. Arya and all 1,000 or so men of the Brotherhood without Banners stormed the castle, silently killing all the Lannister guards. This included all the Kingsguard.

Joffrey, his siblings, and his mother were taken hostage. Maergery Tyrell was also taken captive, along with some others. Sansa was finally freed from her imprisonment, to Arya's delight. Sadly, Tywin and Tyrion Lannister, along with Ollena Tyrell, had been awake and making plans for the royal wedding when they were warned by Varys. They escaped through the tunnels, and met up with Lannister forces outside the city.

The Red Keep theirs, the Brotherhood without Banners decided they wanted to rule. Arya Stark was named Queen of Westeros, by right of Conquest. Neither the Lannisters or the Tyrell's dared to enter the city, as they received a raven threatening to kill the King if they did. Robb Stark was amazed and began to ride for King's Landing as soon as he heard the news, ignoring his uncle's wedding at the Frey's.

While the city watch pledged their allegiance, Arya knew the city was not a safe place to be. The Lannisters had put a huge bounty on her head, so for now she was confined to the castle.

Where do we find Arya?

Arya is sitting on the Iron Throne

Arya is sitting on the Iron Throne (Gendry POV)

TL;DR: After Arya meets up with the Brotherhood, she uses them to sneak into the Red Keep and take the castle. Joffrey, Cersei, and a couple others are her hostages. She declares herself Queen after the raid, and Robb Stark decides to ride to meet her.

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