Push Troi into her closet

From Create Your Own Story

Before she can sense your intentions or even react, you shove Counselor Troi into her closet and follow close behind, “Oh, you like closets do you?” She purrs.

“Uh-huh,” you answer as you smother her lips with yours and peel off her uniform with eager hands. A heavy make out session ensues as your hands explore her ample tits, sexy back and voluptuous ass. Meanwhile her hand busies itself on your love shaft and before you know it your hard steel is deep inside her wet cunt.

“Oh god! Oh god!’ she cries in ecstasy as you relentlessly pump her pussy in the cramped confines of her closet.

Exactly 4 minutes and 45 seconds later, the heat has built up in your balls to the point of imminent explosion and you can hold it no longer. She too is close as her cries of pleasure get closer and closer together, “Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!”

“Yeaaah!” you cry, bucking hard into her and sinking your meat to the hilt as you both orgasm. The whole world shakes… the closet shakes… no wait, that was the ship shaking. Something is wrong.

You both come down from your orgasm high and realize what is going on… the Enterprise is under attack! The ship shakes again as it reels from another impact.

You hit the button to open the closet door. It doesn’t move.

“What’s wrong?” Troi asks.

“It’s stuck!”

Do you:

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