Pull out to go to the replicator in the other room

From Create Your Own Story

Slowly, you withdraw your cock from Deanna's pussy. For a moment, a trail of glistening juices links the head of your cock to her gaping pink entrance, but then it breaks and falls to the sheets.

"Stay in position," you tell her, and she nods her compliance.

You stand up from the bed, feeling a head rush as you do so. After a moment to regain your composure, you walk through to the main part of Deanna's quarters and make your way to her replicator. You decide not to give it a verbal order, to heighten Deanna's sense of suspense at exactly how she's going to be punished. Bringing up the touchscreen interface, you see a series of default suggestions -- since they're for Deanna, the computer largely seems to assume she wants something to eat or drink based in some way on chocolate. You do notice, hidden away slightly, a rather substantial dildo -- clearly, Deanna pleasures herself on a regular basis. Perhaps this is something she should be punished for, you think.

With a smile, you scroll through a variety of menus to find suitable implements for the task at hand. Now you simply have to decide which one to replicate:

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