Project Shatnar

From Create Your Own Story

You never felt special, until you got the letter. It was handed to you on your way out of the shitter, by two uniformed officers who cast more eye contact at you than they should.

You’re a fairly normal young astrophysicist named Chuck, who previously had been working only on design and feasibility projects. Who knows how much time you lost in the fog of realizing how precious few moments on Earth this letter told you that you had left. You cannot contain yourself.

You read it again and again. The letter your palm is now shaking and sweating into was solemn, apologetic, and it overwhelmed you with happiness. The letter reads:

Chuck, you have been drafted from a lottery you’ve consented to participate in. Applicants the world over have expressed the same interest you had, in being sent on a one-way trip towards a possibly habitable solar system. Although you all have pledged to make this honorable sacrifice for species and planet Earth, only you are to be the one to perform it. Upon receiving this memorandum, report to your supervisor to begin the briefing.

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