Princess Kitana

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Shang Tsung had something for Kitana so he made her a mad nymphomaniac. Whenever he visited her she was always the same. She would jump on him for sex. Tsung was currently fucking her tight asshole. He was shoving the entire length of his dick into her little hole making her scream and beg for more, "FUCK YESSS!" "THAT'S THE SPOT MASTER, GO FASTER!" she truly was a slut. Shang was grabbing Kitana by the hips as he was fucking her in doggy style position, he was using all his will power so that he wouldn't cum yet but her ass was so tight it was very difficult keeping it together.

He had reached his limit after having been inside her ass for about 15 minutes he couldn't take it anymore, "Get Ready" he told her, she knew that, that was his signal that he was about come. "YAY! FILL MY HOLE WITH YOUR NECTAR!" she screamed as she also felt her orgasm coming. Shang Tsung pulled his entire dick out of her butt before driving it all the way back inside her again filling her insides to the brink, his body actually shook as this was one of his best orgasm he ever had. "YES! YESS! FUCK YESSS!" she yelled as soon as she had felt his cum inside her she started cumming and squirting from her pussy, launching her love juices all over his balls.

"Fuck" she said as he pulled out his flaccid dick from her ass, he sat down at the corner of the old mattress they had just fucked on. However, he became instantly aroused again when he saw that Kitana had spread her ass cheeks apart so that he was able to see her asshole dripping with his cum. She jiggled her ass for him causing more of his cum to escape her hole before turning around and looking at him "is that all my love?" she asked him teasingly, he leaned towards her and slapped her ass, "you know its not, so why don't you come here and lend me a hand… or your mouth" he told her smirking.

Kitana gave him a big goofy smile before crawling all the way in between his legs and taking his dick in her hands and stroking it, "even half erect its bigger than Liu Kang's" she said surprised before leaning down and putting his dick in her mouth. She began sucking his dick like at true whore, making slurping sounds and having saliva dripping from her chin. He would play with her hair as she sucked his dick; then she looked up at him with her big blue eyes and mouth filled with his meat before suddenly deep throating his entire cock. Shang Tsung groaned in pleasure "Fuck", she was could take his entire length in their mouth without choking. Shang Tsung pulled his hair tightly while holding her head in that position. She was choked and her breathing started to diminish. Just before she could close her eyes Shang came and freed her. She quickly started breathing heavily taking all the air she could but his cum had already passed into her throat. She got up and went to the bathroom. Shang Tsung knew what to do he transformed into a shokan and followed her.

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