Primitive Life

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You awaken with a start as the sound of you wife clapping her hands pulls you from a dream you were having about you childhood. "Unuqua!" She shouts at you, the sound your people have associated with the colloquial term of "Work." It was clear she was not happy with you sleeping in, despite that fact that you had been out and about all day the day before gather food and water for her while she sat on her ass and weaved vines. Despite your frustration you decided to roll off you cot and prepare for the day.

The hut you and your wife share is made of daub, or in simple terms, mud. It is only slightly greater in length and width than you were tall, and the roof was short enough you could never stand fully erect in your own home. The vines and grass woven bed that you and your wife shared occupied about half of the huts area, and as you rolled out of it you reached forward to the opposite wall to grab your clothes. You pulled on a vine and hide knitted loin clothe, tugged on your bark bottomed shoes, and took hold of you deer skin poncho. As you went to throw the poncho over your head you caught a whiff of it's stench and reared back in aversion. It was your wife Quata's job to wash this, but you had no idea when last she had done so. You knew that going without it would leave you subject to sunburn, so you tugged it on anyway.

Outside your wife sat in the dirt in front of her small weaving station, working to wrap vines and tubers in and out of a few squirrel skins to bind them together and make a usable piece of hide. As you came out she did not acknowledge your presence but instead pointed to the fire that burned beneath a grass covered canopy, and to the small pile of wood beside it. "Unuqua!" She shouted, her intention clear that she wanted you to gather firewood. It was true that the firewood was running low, and if your fire went out you would be in big trouble, but you also didn't like being bossed around.

Do you,

Health 100 Equipment:

Clothes, shoes

Hunger 80
Thirst 80
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