Pretend to comply and await a better opportunity to escape(SLBCJames)

From Create Your Own Story

You desperately need time to think you know he's stronger and faster than you so your chances of fighting him or out running him are zero your only chance his to wait for an opportunity. "Please Tyrone we can't do this here what if Mark comes home?"

"Relax I know he's away all weekend, he told me so himself."

"Yes but he left less than an hour ago if he forgets something he may decide to come home and get it."

He moves behind you at first you think this may be your opportunity but he holds on to you with one hand, minutes go by and still he does nothing when all of a sudden he starts talking. "Hey Mark, how's it going?" You turn and see him speaking on his phone. "Sorry buddy didn't mean to disturb you, I thought I'd come around to your place and crash, I forgot you were away, okay buddy I'll see you Monday." He ends the call and looks down at you. "Well cupcake there's a call I'm glad I made, I thought I had you all to myself until Sunday evening, but it turns out Mark won't be back until Monday evening. So I'll think I'll start with."

Does he want your mouth(SLBCJames) or ass(SLBCJames) first.

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