Pregnant Daughter

From Create Your Own Story

Tom Jackson is the husband and father of the family. You are 38 years old and stand at 6’ tall. You have short blond hair and blue eyes. You are in excellent shape. You have a 7” dick with large girth.

Tina Jackson is the wife and mother of the family. She is 36 years old and stands at 5’8” tall. She has long red hair and green eyes. She has an athletic body. Her tits are C cup.

Their only child is Jenna Jackson. She is 18 years old and stands at 5’9” tall. She has long blond hair and green eyes. She has an excellent body, since the pregnancy has not started to show. Her tits are B cup.

Tom is in the living room and Tina is in the kitchen when the phone rings. Tina answers and finds out that Jenna is pregnant. She wants to move back home. They both tried to warn Jenna it was a bad idea to move in with her boyfriend, but she ignored the advice. Once he found out she was pregnant, he kicked her out.

Tina lets Tom know about the situation and he is not exactly happy with the situation. She does her best to calm him, but it is not easy. That is until Tina reminds Tom of their shared fantasy about Jenna. Tom and Tina have been fantasizing about doing all sorts of sexual things with their daughter for years, even before she reached puberty. Sometimes Tina would pretend to be Jenna as Tom would fuck her or Tom would pretend to be Jenna while he ate his wife's pussy. They both found the fantasy to be very exciting and it did wonders in the bedroom.

Ever since she left to live with her boyfriend, it has not been the same. What made the fantasy exciting was that they were fantasizing about someone just one room away.

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