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This is an idea I had for a while after checking out Rampage and doing Mind Control. You play a character that dies and possess a body of a recently deceased. Now bonded and living that person's life you have to decide how you interact with each of the characters around you.

You are free to edit as you see fit. There is a plot if needed for the character and theme is mainly sex, partly vanilla, and maybe some incest if needed, but you can also add other elements such as murder mystery, drama, supernatural, etc. Don't push your luck on the sex part though. Keep the dialogue accurate and the grammar on par. Know this that even if the person you possess dies you still go to the afterlife and that would result in game over. As you must possess a body that's in near perfect condition or mentally brain dead. Possess a body that's badly damage and near death can only last.

Other then that, enjoy

The Story Begins

There is darkness in front of you. You are unsure why, but all you could see is darkness. You hear a noise of people surrounding you until you open your eyes. The vision may be blurry, but you realize you're in a hospital, and you see yourself covered in blood as the doctors around you try to keep you alive. Then told you that you were in an accident and that the damage is severe as your organs are failing. You feel your life is drifting away as your heart slowly stops beating and darkness engulfed your vision

You feel silence filling the air as you somehow felt at peace, but you feel as if it's not your time to go. You started to struggle and you try to fight for your life to no success. Until you suddenly start to see yourself floating in the air and see yourself on the hospital bed covered in blood and now lifeless

You are a:

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