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Quite obviously, I got this idea from Rampage, but I had a similar thought for an adventure before I even found this place. I hope it's okay, as this should still be quite different. --Dreama 17:08, 25 February 2010 (UTC)

This is a story of all kinds of sex and violence. Some kind of warnings might be shown about twisted content, but consider yourself warned already.

Editing Guidelines

  • The story is fully open for editing. Try to keep the narration consistent with the existing pages.
  • You are a demon who possesses people (and other living things). You can only leave a body when it dies, or maybe with some exorcism or something. If you die alone, you are sent back to hell and the story ends there.

Naming links:

  • [[Possessed/Page name, Character|Page display name]] becomes Page display name linking to Page name, Character
  • [[Possessed/Pick up the dagger, Jessica|Use the dagger]] becomes Use the dagger linking to Pick up the dagger, Jessica

The story begins

There is a distant chant calling you by your name... a name you had almost forgotten, but hearing it once more brings it to your mind as clear as the sky. You are a demon in hell, suffering in its flames for centuries, and now you're being summoned to the world of the living.

A dark portal opens in a candle-lit basement. You peek through it to see a group of three people covered in red-black robes chanting your name, summoning you. Although you can only see the shape of their bodies under the hooded robes, you can distinguish that one of them is a girl and the other two are boys; one slim and tall, the other one stout and a bit shorter than the girl.

There's a stronger energy inside the girl, and somehow your presence is forced to enter her. You are now aware of some of her thoughts and of her body. She looks at the world helplessly through her eyes, unable to do a thing.

You are now eighteen years old, your name is Jessica and your two friends are called Simon (the tall one) and Brad (the heavy one). Jessica doesn't really like them, but then again, she doesn't really like anything else either. She was summoning a demon to wreak havoc to the world. In her body, you're dressed in a heavy robe with a deep hood that covers your face. You can only see on the floor where the glowing pentagram is slowly fading away.

You feel trapped inside Jessica and know you must get rid of her if you want to leave the body to possess someone else. There's a ceremonial dagger on the altar next to the summoning circle. It has a wavy blade, covered in blood of a sacrificed cat that's lying on the stone.

Simon: "Nothing happened?"
Brad: "What, did you expect it to work?"
Simon: "Jessie? What's up?"

Tip: Kill your body to possess someone else.

Possessing Jessica wearing a robe

If you are looking for a character you previously played or interested in contributing to this story, you could take a look at the editing reference page.

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