Porn Producer

From Create Your Own Story

Filming orgies, directing blowjobs, digitally adding cumshots; you've done it all. As a producer in the sleazy business you're basically in charge of making the movie good. That means scouting for locations, yelling at screenwriters and (your favorite part) hiring bombshell actresses.

People have heard of your name in the industry and you're a pretty respectable cat. But your goal is to finally win an AVN award and immortalize your name in porn forever. Until that happens, you're just a nobody with a video camera and amazing human resources.

It's a sunny day in downtown Hollywood and you're sitting in a shabby board room with your fellow movie-makers. This was going to be it. This time you were all going to produce the best porno in the world; and win every award available.

"It's not going to happen, man," your director says. "We've got the equipment, yeah. But we still need a sweet location to film in."

"And we need actresses!" says the costume designer. "We need sexy beasts that teenagers all over the world will wank off to."

"And the script!" says your screenwriter, to which everyone else laughs. "I'm serious! Before we do any of that shit we need to decide the plot! And adapt the fetishes to our audience!"

You sigh. Nothing was finished; and the AVN awards were just a month away. Clearly this was going to be difficult. But there was something the others hadn't mentioned; the fetish. You needed a theme to build everything around before you actually got serious. What was it going to be?

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