Pool Party

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Your name is Adam. You are a 21 year old college student at a mid-level state university in California. You are 6'1", 175 pounds, and in excellent shape. You play wide receiver for your school football team, the Wolves, and are one of the better players on your team, scoring a touchdown almost every game.

Your team just won a major victory over one of your biggest rivals, the Tigers, largely thanks to your brilliant catches. Everybody is celebrating back at the dorms around the pool. Everybody from the football team and the cheer-leading squad is here, as well as many other students from your school who watch the team play. Even some professors have come to join the party.

Your best friend Jim, the quarterback of your team, has bet you that he will score with more girls tonight than you. Since neither of you have girlfriends, this should be an interesting night. There are dozens of hot girls here, and many of them will eventually be getting drunk. You and Jim set up a scoring system before the party based on who you fuck and what you do with them.

Blowjob-1 point Vaginal sex-2 points Anal sex-3 points

Cheerleader-x1 points Other Student-x2 points Professor-x3 points

x2 points for doing anything with two girls at once.

You've taken an honor pact not to lie to each other, and both are looking forward to the night ahead.

You and Jim arrive slightly late to the party, as usual, to cheers and yells of approval. Your teammates come and slap you on the back, congratulating you both on your brilliant playing. Cheerleaders flirt with you both, telling you how well you did. After a few minutes, the focus shifts from the two of you back to partying, and Jim nods to you. Let the game begin.

You spend a few minutes scouting out the area, looking to see who's here and what your options are.

A large group of cheerleaders are swimming in the pool with a few guys from the team, drinking and flirting and enjoying themselves.

Mary-5'4" short black hair, very skinny with small breasts.

Cindy-5'9" long curly blonde hair, medium figure but with huge breasts.

Tiffany-5'6" long straight brown hair, slim with medium breasts.

Amanda-5'7" wavy red hair, very pale with a medium figure and full breasts.

Jenny-5"2" short brown hair, incredibly skinny with tiny breasts.

Around the tables and drinking areas there are many more girls scattered around. A few cheerleaders, as well as a couple other students and two professors who interest you.

Denise-5'8" cheerleader with straight light blonde hair and large breasts.

The twin cheerleaders- Abby and Selena Both 5'4" with slim bodies and medium breasts, but Abby wears her brown hair long and straight, while Selena keeps hers short and wavy. This is the only way to tell them apart.

Rachel-5'5" student with medium length wavy black hair and a slim figure with small breasts.

Emily-5'7" student with curly blonde hair and a slim figure, but large breasts.

Professor Felicia Anderson-5'8" with straight brown hair and a medium figure with large breasts.

Professor Melissa Saunders-5'6" with curly brown hair and a slim figure, with medium breasts.

All the cheerleaders are in bikinis, as are Emily and Professor Anderson, who seems to be enjoying the party as much as the cheerleaders.

Rachel is wearing normal, somewhat modest clothing and is sitting at a table talking with one of the defense players.

Professor Saunders is in her usual professional clothes and glasses, and is standing off to the side watching everything. She looks bored.

Where do you go first?

Jump in the pool

Walk over to the tables

Approach Professor Saunders

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