Pokemon Breeders

From Create Your Own Story

A tired sigh escapes your lips as you finish unpacking your room. You sit on your bed as you wonder why you were sent to the Alola region a few days before your 18th birthday. Throwing a glance at the small pile of gifts your friends and family from Hoenn sent with you before you left. Laying back you begin to wonder what the gifts might be as your sister walks into the room. "Hey, Squirt- You know you can go ahead and open your gifts right?"

"1. Stop calling me that it's embarrassing, 2. Yeah, but I would rather wait until tomorrow." You cross your arms and rolled to face away from your slightly annoying sibling.

A sudden swat on your rear caused you to jump to your feet with a yelp before turning to face your sister with a small glare as she laughed. "Just open them. I have a surprise for you tomorrow. Oh, and I got takeout for dinner, yours is on your desk next to the Pokemon food. Love you Squirt see you in the morning." she laughed again as she left the room and closed the door behind herself.

You sigh decide to let your Pokemon out to eat before you open your gifts. You let out your starter, a Dusclops named Oogie, and your Hypno that you got on your 14th birthday who was named Sandman. "Hey guys, Hungry?" you smile and give them their food as they both nodded a let out a small happy noise.

You glance over to your full-length mirror and catch sight of yourself.

What do you see?:

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