Pokemon: Harem of the New Hero

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Hello there!

You are about to become the spectator and actor of a wonderful story of a young pokemon trainer, from the beginning (before he even get his pokemon) to the end,

becoming one of the most powerful entity in the entire world, ruling it with an entire army harem of lustful, powerful and beloved companions !


(This whole story is a fiction, inspired by the pokemon universe created by Game Freak & Nintendo).

As english isn't my native language, I apologize in advance if you find some spelling mistake or other types of errors you could find while reading this.

This story is not interactive for the "narrative" part, as the scenario cannot change depending of your actions (or maybe later, at the end.).

But, it's interactive as you can choose if you want to have some "love fun" or not with the multiple possibilities you have in the story,

what kind of role (dom/sub) and sex positions you want to have during the scenes, and set a specific kind of mood and context depending of what you would like.

(examples : shy, happy, sadist, vengeance, reward, trading, training ...)

The story contain the entire progression of your life, so it may contain a lot of text not porn related that you may not want to read.

To help you, if you want to read fast or simply read the main information needed for the scenario, you can simply read the text in bold.

This story contain adult content, so be sure that you are old enough to be legally reading this and are willing to see the following contents:

  • Male with Male
  • (Rare) Straight sex
  • Pokemon on Pokemon
  • Pokemon on Human
  • Human on Pokemon

Do you agree with the terms listed previously?

Information Panel
Current location: In the disclaimer, duh.
Clothes: You are currently naked.
Your Team: You don't have any pokemon at this moment.
Inventory: You don't have any object.
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