Pokemon: Gotta Sex 'em all! Kanto Edition

From Create Your Own Story

Game Objectives: This game is split up in episodic adventures that work as standalone events. Your goal in each adventure is overcome situations to get what you desire most. Sex. Straight up Sex. You can of course play it however you like, but the real test is to find all the ways to get the job done. In the stories will be varying ways to get possible targets so keep an eye out! These will be listed in the Sexedex and on the intro to every episode. To find them though is your challenge, but they will be marked when you encounter them in the story. So take off your pants get comfortable and grab those pokeballs! Gotta Sex 'em All!

So where to start? You have three options to get you going. If you are a first time reader check out the prologue. It introduces the character and what he is all about. Course if you have read the title I'm sure you already have a clear picture in mind. Still, read it.

Second, you have the Hub. This is where the meat of this story takes place. Here you will pick from a series of locations which in turn will take you to 'episodes' where an adventure path will take place telling a chapter in Brown's life, detailing the exploits to wet his whistle.

Finally, you have the Sexedex. This is a catalog of all the sexy time that can be encountered. Its a check list if you will that I will fill up as more episodes are completed. Do you have what it takes to encounter them all?

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