Poke your prick against Troi's mouth

From Create Your Own Story

You whip out your tool and step up next to Troi's head. In one quick movement, Deanna takes your member into her warm and willing mouth, one hand jerking it off slowly while her tongue swirls around the head. She carefully sucks it in until her nose is buried in your pubic hair and you luxuriate in the silky heat of her throat. Your fingers slip around her head, and you guide her movements as you hump into her mouth. You groan as the pressure builds in your groin, Deanna's mouth working you perfectly until you tell her you're about to cum. She hauls your prick out of her mouth in a hurry, but not in time, as your cum is already spilling out over her tongue. It spurts onto her chin and drips down over her cleavage, staining her blanket. Counselor Troi ungracefully attempts to lick up the remains of your orgasm, but only succeeds in smearing the last of your ejaculation across her face.

"Sorry," she apologizes, "I didn't know whether to swallow it or not."

Do you:

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