Play the clip(SLBC)

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You hit the play icon and the video runs.

The scene opens with a blank screen before you realize it's out of focus before you hear Roy's voice.

"Okay babe, I think we've got it there."

The scene changes and you see yourself, sucking on Roy's cock, it's a lot bigger than yours despite it being soft, and you hear Roy's voice again.

"Tell me what you’re doing babe."

You watch as you slowly take your mouth off of his cock, with your saliva trailing from your mouth to the tip of his cock, you look up into the camera and wink.

"I'm going to make your cock all hard again Daddy, so I can get it back in my ass; it feels so empty without you in there."

You then sink your mouth back onto his cock and start to suck on it again.

"Good girl Lara, you know what Daddy likes."

Once he is hard you pull your mouth off of his cock, and then you sit up and turn around, then line his cock up with your ass. You watch in amazement as you slowly sink onto his cock, it slips in with ease and is almost half way in when the video ends.

Do you?

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