Planet of the Deadly Games

From Create Your Own Story

A red light flashes and you feel a jolt.

You open your eyes. The light must have been bright enough to shine through your eyelids, but now your open eyes behold a black void as dark as when they were closed. You feel restraints fastened tightly around your wrists and ankles, cold, metallic, fastening you firmly to an equally cold and metallic backing. You are naked, but you feel no movement of air on your skin. Your breathing intensifies. You feel overwhelmed with claustrophobia.

And then, more light, green with spots of red, hovering in the darkness. Forming words. You squint as your eyes struggle to adapt to even moderate light after so much darkness.

Welcome, newcomer. Do not be afraid. You have no memory, for you have been born here. This is your first day. We have created you for adventure. We have created you for glory. You will choose your fate. Choose victory and you will be rewarded.

You are in orbit over the planet of LUDUS PRIME. This planet has been bio-engineered to have one of the most diverse ecosystems in the universe, including many carnivorous flora and fauna. But you are human, and humans are apex predators. Prove your worth to us and you will be given a mission. Complete your mission and you will win the right to return to the capital planet to meet the Emperor and join the ranks of the soldier elite.

You have no friends save for the Emperor. The Emperor wishes you success. Other contestants will seek to undercut you and steal your right to glory. Trust no-one but the Emperor and those who serve the Emperor. Prove your worth and you may serve the Emperor too.

We will be watching.

The words fade and darkness returns. But then, only a moment later, a vertical line of light splits through the darkness, then expands into a field, and you find yourself blinded. The restraints on your arms and legs release, and you are dropped to the cold, metallic floor.

You climb to your feet and take your first look at yourself. You are athletically built, you think. Firm breasts, strong legs. You run your hands briefly over your hips and abdomen. You seem free of body hair. Your hands are soft, but your feet already seem to have firm callouses, perfect for walking barefoot on uneven surfaces. Strange that you do not remember using them before. If this is your first day then they must have been grown. Were your feet grown like that?

Your eyes are beginning to adapt to the light and you turn them to your surroundings. You are alone in a small room; behind you, a metal casket is open, looking for all purposes like a coffin from which you have just performed some miraculous resurrection. Strange wires and tubes hang from parts of it, and odd monitors and dials fill the walls of the enclosed space. There is an open doorway leading out to a hallway.

In from the hallway walks what appears to be a soldier, clad head to toe in some sort of technologically advances suit of armor, dark blue with yellow highlights and a full face visor. "Come with me," the soldier says.

Do you:

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