Physical Education

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You're a young, good looking P.E. teacher. You hear the bell ring. You watch the students walk down the corridor towards the PE changing rooms. You were covering for another teach on maternity leave. You had the girls high jump class.

The group of girls talked between each other giggling. You watch as they all enter the changing rooms, expect one - Jessica Bates. She stood facing you but her head was turned towards the door. Her dark hair was out and slightly curled. Your eyes traveled down her body. She wears the same school uniform as everyone else, white shirt, grey cardigan, grey skirts, but somewhere she's found skirts too short.

You then took a look at her legs. You've seen glimpses of them a couple of times, but you're pretty sure that was because she wanted it that way. That plus a few other things have made you think she wants you. Staring at you in class, laughing a little too readily at your jokes. She's not the first student to have a crush on you but she's by far the prettiest. You look back to her face to see her smirking.

You make your way towards the sports hall to get out your equipment when your hear her talk.

What does she say:

"Hello Sir,"

"Sir, I don't have my uniform,"

Status Bar
Health 100 Equipment:

Whistle, shorts, t-shirt, trainers

Status Happy
Gender Male
Social Group Gym Teacher
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