From Create Your Own Story

You awaken to a blinding light surrounding you on all sides. You stumble to your feet, only to find you are standing on nothing but thin air. Before you have a chance to react, you hear a man's voice bellow behind you. "My child," the voice said lovingly. "Welcome to your new home." You wheel around, and see the source of the voice. A white orb floats there, only visible thanks to a black corona that surrounds it. It bears two small pure-black eyes and a grin that stretches from one side to the other.

You gather the courage to respond. "Who are you?" You grimace when you realize that while you are sure you said what you meant to, you couldn't hear yourself at all. "I am what you might call God, or Truth, or you can simply call me The Orb if you aren't one of those religious types. But what are you?" You attempt to think back to your living life, but you cannot remember who, or even what you used to be. You look down, hoping to see legs, hands, paws, tentacles, anything to inform you on who you really are. But you see nothing.

The Orb materializes a mirror in front of your eyes. You see yourself, an orb as well. But you are made of something black, that sucks all the light into it like a dark hole. Your edges are wispy and undefined, unlike The Orb's. You have two little white pin-points for eyes and a large frown. The mirror disappears just as you begin to notice something squirming beneath the surface of your pitch-black "skin".

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