Perverted Idol Adventure

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Hello, before playing this story you must understand it is more of a game than certain stories and takes a large amount of inspiraton from old-school D&D and the like, so to play this story will require you to use a six-sided die.

Synopsis In this game you will play Amanda Wallce, a young 18 year old idol candidate who wants to become a famous musician and singer and desperately wants to win the love of many, many fans. This quest of hers isn't totally easy however as it will require rigourous training, a strong heart and a lot of work to achieve her goals.

How to play In this game the choices will be more your attempts at things, with each die roll being a check on whether or not you fail or succeed, for example, you wish to run after somebody.

1-2 you fail at catching them.

3-4 you wear yourself out but catch up to them.

5-6 you catch them!

In this instance getting 1-2, or 3-4 will have penalties whilst 5-6 will not, and this will affect how the story will play out.

Stats There will be 3 stats in this game, please note that they affect how the game's story plays out.

Stamina Amanda's stamina and physical strength, if it hits 0 she blacks out and you lose.

Pride Amanda's pride, everytime she gets humiliated in some way this goes down a little bit, if it reaches 0 you will be too embarrassed to continue your trip to becoming a great idol.

Reputation How other's see Amanda, when this reaches 0 you will lose any respect people have for you, if it hits 0 in an idol battle you lose the match and must go through a humiliating punishment.

Other things will be explained as they show up, so I hope you enjoy the story and stick around just for a while.

The Story Begins

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