Pervert13/The park

From Create Your Own Story

As she drives you to the park, your sister asks how long you want to hike for.

"I don't know, really." You shrug, adding "that's why I bought us some water bottles." You indicate one for her and one for you in your backpack in the back seat.

"Very thoughtful!" She smiles. "This is cheering me up about the break-up and those stupid photos already."

You let her know that you are glad, and ask if she'd like some water before starting to hike.

She is quite thirsty, she tells you, and you pass her her water bottle. She gulps some down, and hands it back to you, before she turns the corner to the parking lot.

You've been wanting to come to this park for a while, there's so much to see since it's so big. It has a trail that leads up a large hill, taking you to a great look-out over downtown and the suburbs. The opposite direction lies a trail that goes into a forested area, which is home to a lot of wildlife.

After parking, you both walk over to the park map, to decide which way to go. The park also offers a paved pathway, mainly for cyclists and rollerbladers, but people enjoy walking on it too. As you were pulling into the parking lot, you had seen two cute girls walking a dog on the paved path.

"Which way?" Your sister asks.

You consider make up your mind. "Let's...

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