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You wander the mall with window shopping on your mind. You peer in through the large panes of glass as you walk by. Not so much taking interest in what's for sale as who's standing about the shops. In just a few short minutes you have already caught sight of some *wares* of interest.

The first store deals in rare and exotic relics. The counter girl is a young, long-haired blonde. She wears a lot of the store's merchandise, including large gold-coloured Aztec earrings and long strands of beads around her neck.

The second has a fit-looking brunette wandering the aisles of a gift store. She is doe eyed and wearing jeans. Not to mention an oh-so-tight black T.

The third is a boring home improvement store. What might be less boring is the big-boobed girl who just wandered in - she was only wearing a cowboy hat, bib-and-brace overalls and boots!

A fourth is a store for hobby games, though it looks more like a youth club. And sure enough, you spot a young girl in a plaid shirt sitting with her feet up looking at some cards. She might not be an eight or a nine, but you think you read somewhere nerd girls are the kinky and horny ones.

Do you:


Health Horny Location:

The Mall

MP 0
Level 1
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