Pathfinder sex stories

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Inspired by the DnD sex stories, this variant will focus on Paizo's pathfinder and the world of Golarion.

You will be able to write and read stories of either single characters or groups. For single characters, you will choose a gender, a race and a class. When creating a new character, you will need to name him/her and use it to mark your story. That way, many people can have the same specific selection without going over each other's story.

Do not write OVER someone else's story unless it is for correcting grammatical error. If you have an idea on how to continue or wish to change things that happened, add alternate path inside the story instead.

To ease navigation of this wiki, begins your lines following this format.

Ex : female human rogue named Zeldana PFS: Zeldana: *Story or action*

For the rest, have fun !

Choose your sex:

PFS: Male

PFS: Female

PFS: Futanari

Or choose a pre-generated group and follow their story.

PFS: Group

Below is a list of ideas for plots for the generic D&D characters.

Plots of D&D Characters

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