Party with Kara

From Create Your Own Story

You grab her hand and bring over to the open bar, with a gesture the waiter brings you two shots of vodka.

"Think you can keep up with a Wayne?" You smirk before downing your shot.

"Think you can keep up with a Daughter of Krypton?" Her blue eyes dance with mischief before she downs the vodka in one gulp. She orders twp more for you both, and once again downs hers with out a ounce of hesitation, she also tells the waiter to leave the bottle.

You down your second glass, and you can feel your throat burn. You pour both of you another shot, and drink it. 4 Shots Later Your practically unconscious, and can barely walk straight. Kara on the other hand looks vaguely buzzed.

Take another Shot

Dare Kara to Drink an entire bottle of Vodka

Grope Supergirl/Possible Suicide

Say Wonder Woman s Hotter/Suicide

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