Pack up your stuff(SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

You have made up your mind by the time you get to your dorm room. He doesn't seem the type to give up easily so waiting him out is not an option, running away would be the best option, but where would you go and what would you do once there. That leaves you with but one recourse if you want to get your college diploma and make something of your life, and disgusting though it seems you resign yourself to your fate and pack away you belongings. It only takes two trips to the car and you have everything packed away and you climb into the car.

"Is that all your stuff?"


"Did you sign out of the dorm and tell them you've found somewhere off campus?"


"Go do it now, and bring me the paperwork when you're done."

You climb out of the car and head back inside. It takes a hour to sign away your dorm place and get back in the car where you hand it over to him and he reads it through.

"According to this you won't be able to get another place until the start of the new college year, that seems the perfect time to re-evaluate your position as my sissy, don't you agree?"

Dread seeps into you as you realize the path you have chosen is now set and all you can mumble is a weak "Yes."

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